Zoundark audio game early access version is now available for download

We are developing the first audio game with a unique interactive game experience for both visually impaired people and gamers and the first fully immersive audio simulation of a blind person in this audio adventure game READ MORE

What we are proud of

  • Interesting design Awarded for the unique design of our games
  • 1000+ downloads Many satisfied players are playing our games all around the world
  • Free arcade games Get straight into action by playing our challenging games
  • Frantic gameplay Addictive gameplay is one of the things we put on the first place

Tank Run

Guide your tank through the whole army of enemy tanks. Your mission is to destroy as many tanks as possible, but beware of the mines. Our allies have left you some help on your way, so use it wisely. The enemy is getting stronger every second so we need to prevent the enemy's forces from penetrating through our defense. Are you up for the challenge solider?

About studio


Belgrade, Serbia

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+381 603 314 140
Andrija Radojev – Game Dev Ninja – Went to Elektrotehni?ka škola „Nikola Tesla“ high school in Pancevo, currently a student attending third year at Information Tehnologies School in Belgrade (ITS). He is in game development from the age of 16 and enjoys developing video games. He also spends few hours a day playing new and popular Android games, which helps him to get good ideas and craft new and innovative games. Likes to take a risk and avoids copying well known concepts. His philosophy Is to take a bit of every good game and create something brand new. Android games he enjoys playing the most are Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, whilest his favourite PC games are PES, Counter Strike and GTA. In near future, he plans to expand his video games studio and organize a team of experts specialized for a specific game dev task. Constantly tuned in game dev market, he sees VR as one of his next steps in game development, as he is fascinated with VR technology in game dev. Also he is an active member in Serbian game development community and took part in three game development showcases so far in just over a year of existence of Thunder Strike as a startup company(GameUp, ITKonekt GameSpace and Casual Connect Indie Prize) and plans to retain his activity and develop Thunder Strike into a popular and recognized brand in Serba and worldwide.

?or?e Damjanovi? - Sound Design and SFX Grandmaster - Joined our team with a revolutionary idea. Graduated at FDU Belgrade he is a top professional in sound design. With his 10 years of experience in sound industry he is one of the vital components of our team. He is also an experienced gamer with interests in mythology, history and science.

Nenad Mirkovi? - The Storytelling Wizard - Our storyteller and game tester. There is no big game he didn't tried out. His gameplay knowledge and general knowledge make him an expert we need for our project. Our new story is on it's way.

Miloš Pucar - Social networks Guru - Marketing, and social media presence is a crucial part of every great project. Making sure that we are presented as an awesome team striving to create games, and also leave a footprint in social awareness for the visually impaired people is something that he excels at. Miloš is a welcomed addition to our growing team.

Thunder Strike games studio is oficially part of Nelt education programme, which supports our idea.